Waxy O’Shea’s – A Time Honoured Tradition

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Many people ask us what makes Waxy’s so special. There is no real simple way to really express that concept. However, if we were to start with one word it would most appropriately be “Tradition”.

As one who has enjoyed the Waxy O’Shea’s tradition for many years, I find myself discovering many new facets of this place that makes the experience unique. I’d have to say that the legacy of the concept is as remarkable as the Pub itself.

Francis Xavier O’Shea (Also called F.X. O’Shea) was a well know raconteur. You would often see him with a group about town sharing an entertaining quip or anecdote. He was considered a charismatic man about town who became known as “Waxy” because of his pronounced waxed handlebar mustache. Since he never really cared for his given name, “Francis”, his nickname suited him just fine.


Pictured on the left you will see Waxy posing with his Rugby team. Waxy was not only an accomplished Rugby player and coach he also owned a pub where he lived in Dublin City in the early 1900’s.

Back in the early days the Pub was not only a place to lift a drink, it was also a popular center of the community. People of all walks of life would come together to enjoy food and beverage as well as one another. This is the tradition that the Pub “Waxy O’Shea’s” brings to Branson, Missouri.

When you step into Waxy’s you become one of the family. Locals and tourists come back to this pub for the community it provides. Grab a seat with your friends or family and enjoy amazing food and delicious

beer and spirits. There is always a game on and a very good chance rival fans will be sitting next to one another throwing gentle verbal barbs and enjoying one another. Then immerse yourself in time honoured tradition that makes Waxy O’Shea’s famous.

One Old Irish phrase that is indicative of the Waxy O’Shea’s tradition is..

 Níl aon tintéan mar do thintéan féin.

Simply translated means – There’s no place like home!

We invite you to check back and read more about Waxy’s and its many community events.

Drop in, we look forward to getting to know you!

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