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When booking a party, Waxy O’Shea’s covers all the bases. Whether you prefer indoor seating or outdoor, the atmosphere of Waxy’s is highly adaptable, allowing any number of events to be held in the bar. Birthday parties, family reunions, to major sporting events, we can make your event one to be remembered. With the high capacity bar connected with a full service kitchen, your demands will be met with precision and efficiency.

Waxy O’Shea’s has prime location in the Branson Landing, as it is located near the middle of the outdoor shopping center. This allows for convenient parking in both major lots, and is within convenient walking distance of the Hilton hotel. With this ease of access, it makes it easy for people who have trouble getting around to arrive, and for more intoxicated people to stumble quickly to a cab.

The bar offers unique amenities for parties. The stage allows for musicians, speakers, and others who will take center stage to be a focal point, while the convenient side room offers an escape for those wishing to avoid the noise. An arrangement of booths and tables are available for your party to sit at and get comfy, and the bar is only an arm’s length away. With a fantastic staff and professional bartenders, let Waxy’s house your next party![/col-



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We at Waxy’s want to cater your next occasion. We take great care to make each occasion special, as each one specifically is. We offer the most flexibility in town with regards to seating, atmosphere, food, and beverages, and can fully cater to each individual need of the occasion.